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The great outdoors wouldn't be so great if we didn't do our part to care for it. Our aim is to be as sustainable as possible, which means reusing, recycling, careful planning + lessening our footprint as a business. Things we are doing to reduce our environmental impact - 

We buy from local growers and use flowers seasonally instead of importing

We offset our carbon emissions by planting trees in Scotland (see certificate)

We don't use plastics or oasis and use biodegradable/ alternative options where possible

We donate monthly at Woodland Trust to support protecting ancient woodlands + restoring forests 

We recycle large installations and flowers with other local florists

(after setting down a wedding, other florists can double use things that otherwise may have just gone to compost)

We rent vans from a small, local business instead of buying our own

We support local makers + suppliers instead of larger companies where possible (and buying 2nd hand)

When foraging, we use fallen branches + trees where possible

(and when cutting from trees, we cut mindfully + correctly to promote healthy growth)

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