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I studied as a photographer (many moons ago) and spent years in and out of different jobs. Then stumbled across a floristry job in looking for work and knew instantly that it was the right place for me! 

I picked it up fast and started taking on my own weddings and decided to make something of it after a couple of years. I quickly found my niche as woodland, foraged and wild! I love everything wild - fresh picked greens, gorgeous smelling moss from the forest floors, huge branches, tiny delicate flowers... huge flowers, crazy messy bouquets and canopies of green that frames a perfect wedding ceremony! I love it all.

Bringing the outdoors in.


As long as I can remember, I have designed. Drawing, painting, making and photographing - I will lose hours, even days in projects! In my online shop, you’ll see a variety of designs, but all with the same undertone of nature. I can’t express enough how much I love to create, so between weddings, photography, illustrations and making - I’m a happy wee soul!




One thing that I have always felt passionate about is my love for Scotland, this is something I feel comes across in my work, both floristry and design. I’m forever planning trips up the Scottish coasts where I know I'm my most authentic, most wild and completely at home when I'm traveling through the breathtaking hills and vast forests of my home. One of my favourite things is to create miniature woodland settings based on Scottish scenes or wild woodland canopies foraged from forests nearby!


Tupelo Tree started back in January 2015 - i quit my job and had nothing but a couple of years experience behind me. I pretty much sat alone in my room with a broken laptop and no money for the first year, trying to find my voice in the huge world of floristry and wedding industry, learning all the mistakes and methods the hard way (I still sigh at some of the things i used to do for prep when i started out - like who needs all those lists!).

I would sell prints, cards and little bits at local markets in between, but the following year i had booked a tonne of weddings and have been rushed off my feet ever since!

Tupelo Tree is currently just me, Natasha, I spend my days foraging and creating huge canopies and on Zoom calls, writing emails and quotes. I have such an awesome job with so much variety and I'm so in love with what I do!

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