My illustration work started back in 2011 when I designed my wedding invites, it ignited a passion I didn't know existed! I slowly started to develop my style and again fell automatically into wild and lots of woodland, Scottish scenes, and greens. Constantly doodling on small bits of paper and sitting up in bed sketching as my husband slept. I had so many ideas, almost like I was making up for lost time!  In amongst my weddings, I sell a selection of prints, 100% cotton t-shirts/ jumpers/ kids t-shirts, cards, plantable writing sets, foraging kits + calendars that are all sustainably designed, printed, and posted with a percentage of each sale going towards helping protect + preserve our ancient Scottish woodlands. Click here to see my online shop.


One thing that I have always felt passionate about is my love for Scotland, this is something that comes across in my work, both floristry, and art. I am forever planning trips up the Scottish coasts and I know I'm my most free, my most wild, and completely at home when I'm traveling through the breathtaking hills and vast forests of my home. I'm forever creating miniature woodland settings based on Scottish scenes or wild woodland canopies foraged from forests nearby - I love nothing more than to surround myself with the beauty of Scotland! (I'm also obsessed with the Outlander books!)

Tupelo Tree consists of me (Natasha) and Louise where we spend our days foraging + creating huge canopies and also on Zoom

calls, writing emails + quotes. We have such awesome jobs with so much variety and we're in love with what we do!




I can't remember a time when I didn't love trees and the outdoors. I moved a lot growing up, in fact, I think I'm on my 22nd house just now! We mostly lived in old houses which came with big messy gardens, unkempt and wild, and woods close by. Almost all my memories of playing as a child involve climbing trees, making dens out of sticks and rummaging in fields finding mice and voles! I feel privileged that I had such a good childhood and experienced what it is to be free. So this is where my love started.


I stumbled across a floristry job in looking for work, I'v been in and out of jobs for years in care work, nannying, and cafes. As soon as I started, I knew this was the right place for me. It turned out to be the perfect outlet for my creativity!


I picked it up fast and started taking on my own weddings as 'homers' and decided to make something of it. I quickly found my niche as woodland and rustic, foraged, and wild!  I love everything woodlandy - wild foraged greens, fresh moss, branches, delicate flowers... huge flowers, crazy messy bouquets, and canopies of green that frames a perfect wedding ceremony!

Bringing the outdoors in.


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This is Louise                

She joined Tupelo Tree in January this year and is the bees knees!

Preview of a documentary
of Tupelo Tree in lockdown
by Kind Wulver